Inspirational Interview | Esther van Diepen |Life Story

“That’s something I recommend to everyone, just to have time on your own because then the greatest ideas come up”

Fast paced, full of energy, razor sharp in her vision-a power house for women. 
I had the pleasure to meet with entrepreneur, author, motivator and coach – Esther van Diepen
of “Mom in Balance”.

Mom in Balance is a International company & community for women from all over the world. It accommodates over 8000 women training outside per week, and hosts over 400 staff – contract and permanent. The idea of this business, is that women come together to workout, outdoors. Come rain or come shine, the training goes through. It’s targeted at women before pregnancy, during Pregnancy, after pregnancy, and for women who are not pregnant at all.
It’s all about coming together in groups, nurturing and strengthening the mind, body, and soul. 

While touching base at her head office, here in Haarlem in The Netherlands. I had the opportunity to listen to Esther’s life’s story. 
Esther, literally is what she does- she eats, breathes and sleeps her outdoor sporting business. She speaks highly of her team, the franchises, and her husband, who she says, are all, what make the business what it is today.

While being this self made entrepreneur, a mom of four children, an author of three books ( Fit Pregnancy, Back in Shape, and Power Moms) a wife, and a developer of all things “personal development” related… Esther is making a picture and a dream in her mind, come to life…. and guess what…? Everyone has the capacity to do this!!

Two messages which came across so beautifully in this conversation – Esther lives by. She explains why they are so important, and how they have a positive impact on her life…Listen in on this wonderful open hearted, inspiring, and wisely spoken conversation with Esther van Diepen.

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