Inspirational Interview | Rikard Andersson | Life Story

Lawyer decides to make his food dream a reality, starting two restaurants..we find out where things went right and were they didn’t go so right…

Is it the easy life – the predictable day job, guaranteed stability that makes us grow, ultimately be happy?.. What do human beings need to truly live a fulfilling life? 

Rikard was a lawyer working in the corporate world. He wanted a life with transparency, so he could easily demonstrate to his daughter what he does in his day! He always loved food and took the steps to make his ideas and dreams a reality…but in reality we don’t always know what unforeseen circumstances will come in our path. 

Following your truth, doesn’t always mean a fairy tale ending. If you want to feel alive ( to really feel alive ) you need to learn, to love, to cry, to mourn, to loose, to sometimes stand shoulder to shoulder with others, moving forward in the same direction …and then not ! To move apart from others -going, still forward, but in different directions. It’s all ok! 

Choosing to live and take chances- going for our dreams is not easy. It is beautiful though. 
Life happens and we have to figure out how to move around “the happenings” and keep living truthfully with ourselves. 
Preferably arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder ( as Rikard talks about in this conversation) with another or other human beings by our side. 

Rikard! Your story is incredibly touching! You wear your heart on your sleeve! Your experiences come from living fully! And from a place of love and courage – a path not everyone is willing to take. 
Thank you for sharing your life story with me!

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