Inspirational Interview | Orbe Yorgenis | Life Story

This is a story about a man who follows his heart. But its not just plain sailing. We learn about the love a man has for his music and how he has always stayed close to this truth while living and growing up in Cuba. Now he lives in the Netherlands, in a foreign country, and he has to forge new friendships and grow a new network so he can still make his dream come true while growing a life with the woman of his dreams.
Orbe Yorgenis shares the deep sense of love he has for his birth family -his mother, father, grandparents… and the new love he creates and grows with his married family in The Netherlands.
We learn about Orbe’s life, growing up in Cuba. How life took a drastic turn when he moved to the Netherlands – from one extreme to another.

This is in essence a beautiful love story.

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