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“We all have such an amazing opportunity to find out our own story, and to tell our story and to find out our own truth by going out and doing things, putting that effort in, knowing that there will be a reward at the end of it” Stuart Acker Holt

Stunning story about a man who follows his curiosity. He uses his creative potential as a vehicle for connecting with other people, honouring the one’s he loves, grows, and learns about life.
Since Stuart finished his music studies, he has been following a journey of truth.
While on a road trip through the Alps, Suede one of Stuart’s lecturers, and soon to be, life long friends – inspired the notion, that some people are really very interesting. By comparison, Stuart found Suede so knowledgable on life, and this struck a deep sense of curiosity within him.
Stuart, was curious to find out about the interesting people of the world, and so, his journey began.

This interview with Stuart is a wonderful story about a man who follows his heart.
We get to know about his father, Robert Acker Holt, who fled Vienna just before World War Two broke out, and experienced a deep act of kindness which changed his life forever. This being the inspiration behind the book “The Kindness Book” which Stuart and his brother Jason, wrote, in dedication to their father.
We find out about what drives Stuart, where do the ideas come from for all his creative platforms which he has created. Where is he heading towards? This is an inspiring life story of connecting with one’s self, following your heart, being true to yourself and using the gifts you have been given to create a beautiful life.

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