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In this conversation with learn about triumph. How a woman works her way through undesirable circumstances, and ends up creating her own little empire. Marnella openly speaks about her challenge to create a new life in a foreign country, where everything works differently. She speaks about her love for cooking and how this passion, started to show her the way, and how it connected her with others.

Marnella talks about how she took on bizarre jobs, just to take her mind off of her own life. How each one of the jobs she took, led her to where she is today.
Marnella never gave up, and I can visualise, that with this, same smile on her face in the picture above, she pushed forward and created her beautiful life, step by step!
With all the love and support of her husband, in each one of these steps! Marnella – a warrior woman took no prisoners of pity… and her story speaks loud and clear of this! Just simply loved this conversation!
Thank you Marnella for coming into the studio and sharing your life story with us.

3 comments on “Inspirational Interviews | Marnella Erasmus |Life Story

  1. Gert Botha Enslin says:

    Fantastic story of perseverance and overcoming. Congratulations Marnella and Andreas!

  2. Ria Abrie says:

    Wonderlik on van jou te hoor. Baie geluk Marnella.

  3. Mildred says:

    What a lovely inspiring story! Well done Marnella! Trots op jou!
    With love, Mildred

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