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Bjorn started his furniture import business when he was 24 years old. 
He imports Authentic Vintage Furniture from India and now he combines all his passions; authenticity, vintage furniture, travel, interior design, and photography. In this Podcast Interview, we find out how a young man of 24 years of age, got to making the steps to start his own business, and from the moment when the penny dropped, what happened next? So how did he actually make it happen?
Bjorn, shares how lost he was before he stared the business. He was a young guy trying to figure life out. He felt a lot of pressure to make the right career decisions. We find out and feel his energy of his visits to India, and with his little savings, we learn how he actually got this business off the ground. This is a great story of truth, being connected with self, taking risks and doing what you love.

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