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Richard Derks is a Marketing – Advertising- Restaurateur. Richard I just loved talking with you!!! Thank you! Your brain works FIVE-THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR!!! Keep up or you’ll loose the race ! loved having you, and Sake your dog, in the studio.
Richard talks about his passion project, Hartvolgers – a cardiology platform for all questions and answers concerning the heart. Have a heart related question? Go there (@hartvolgers) and your concern will be answered by a cardiologist!

Further, Richard talks about his restaurants which he launched off the ground for “ the love of his life”- Kay, who is the mastermind and genius behind the menu and the amazing food experience, which you will get at any one of their three #boiboithaifoodamsterdam locations! Boi Boi It’s not just any Thai restaurant it’s a funky crazy fun Thai restaurant in Amsterdam.

Richard spoke about all the other career choices he had made in his life, and it was fascinating to link the dots and have the privilege of a mirror perspective based on Richard’s life experience.

Where does all this drive come from Richard? What’s the ambition? Where’s the source ? What about the story about the start up – peer to peer sharing platform, Kazaa? All these questions and so many more. Richard has lived a full committed and exciting life.

Join me in listening to Richard’s interesting life story. Be inspired by a man who bases his career decisions on mostly two things- creativity and love! 

For any inquiries about Hart Volgers, you can contact Richard here:

3 comments on “Inspirational Interviews | Richard Derks | Life Story

  1. Jeannette Vermeulen-Rodd says:

    thanks love:-) yes I think Richard liked the “itchy” part too 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks love:-) yes I think Richard liked the “itchy” part too 🙂

  3. Camiel says:

    this was a great and inspiring interview…
    loved the ‘itchy’ parts 🙂

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