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what a beautiful mind; Meet Alice, a mother of two, wife, owns her own beautiful little consultancy. ” I don’t need more, I’m happy with the way it is, it’s good, if I die tomorrow , it’s ok” These are Alice’s words.
Hear Alice’s story – of the love she has for the business she has created, her beautiful little consultancy, Handig Communicatie, which supports companies to have a valuable mission statement, not just for themselves, but for society as a whole! Alice talks about the tools she uses to help nudge businesses, create change, and make this world a better place. She reflects on how her work is also an extension of herself, that by always living with an open heart, there are never two Alice’s – the Alice at work and the Alice at home, but, one Alice, no matter where is she is. Alice’s interview had a great impact on me, I really enjoyed her charisma and openness. As human beings we always want more, and Alice’s simple words just kept repeating in my mind, “I have enough”

You can reach Alice here:
Alice Muurlink
Handig Communicatie

The Tools / Methods and Practice by which Alice runs her business :

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