Friends food coziness = amazing life -right?? I mean what else do we strive for in life. No point working so bloody hard if you have no friends, and no point having friends if you can’t sit down to a cozy meal together!! This is dinner with our friends from Kazakhstan celebrating his birthday. The quails which prepared by their father were sublime. The scallops ridiculously smooth cooked beautifully, not over cooked. And the salmon prepared with a thick later of salt – removed later, and infused with rosemary!!! Seriously!!! In love. This is what I live for really! Friendship food fun and following a truth that calls from deep within. All I have to do now is figure the mother part out and the rest will fall into place (hashtag…. ha ha ha bloody ha) that will take a life time. So instead I’ll just keep trying, be available to friends and family and enjoy the flavors life has to offer. Ps the last pic is my Friday night addiction – The Voice Of Holland had to be sneaked into the table 😉